Azure SQL Database Monitoring, Alerts & Scheduled Jobs
Azure SQL Database Monitoring,
Notification & Task Scheduling Service
Azure SQL Database Monitoring, Notifications, Email & Scheduled Stored Procedures

Azure SQL & SQL Premium Database Monitoring

  • Monitor database performance
  • Receive issue notification by SMS or email
  • Schedule stored procedures for regular execution
  • Send emails from your Azure SQL database
  • View historical database statistics
  • and much more...

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Cotega is a cloud service that tracks performance, throttling, size and availability of your database. When we detect issues we alert you by email or SMS.

Cotega can also be used to send emails directly from your Azure SQL database.

Cotega allows you to schedule execution of stored procedures to be run on a regular basis allowing you to perform jobs such as database cleanup.

Schedule SQL Azure Task

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Cotega logs up to 30 days of statistics for your database allowing you to download and analyze the performance of your database over time.