Azure SQL Database Performance Tools
Azure SQL Database Tools
Azure SQL Data Sync, Performance Monitoring, Stored Procedure Scheduling and more...

What is Cotega

Cotega is a cloud based service that provides Azure SQL database tools such as database synchronization , database-to-email messaging , stored procedure scheduling and performance monitoring .

Azure SQL Data Sync

Cotega Data Sync is the most efficient way to synchronize millions of data changes from one Azure SQL database to another. Cotega also supports synchronization of local SQL Server databases to Azure SQL or Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Learn more about Cotega Data Sync or contact us for more details.

Data Sync for Azure SQL

Send Email from Azure SQL

Similar to SQL Server's xp_sendmail, Cotega can be used to send emails directly from your Azure SQL database allowing you to get notified of important database changes or to automate user messaging based on database events.

Learn more about how to use Cotega to send emails from Azure SQL.

Performance Metrics for Azure SQL

Stored Procedure Scheduling

Cotega allows you to schedule execution of stored procedures to be run on a regular basis allowing you to perform SQLAgent like tasks such as database cleanup.

Azure SQL SQLAgent

Performance Monitoring

Cotega can track performance, throttling, size and availability of your database. When issues are detected, you can be alerted by email or SMS.

Cotega uses outside-in monitoring which means that all metering is done from outside the Azure data centers, enabling you to see the real performance your users are experiencing with your Azure SQL database.

Azure SQL Performance Metering